We help businesses to develop their sales, bookings and enquiries through digital marketing services.

We are very much aligned to a permission-based Inbound methodology and ‘content marketing’ approach to our marketing activities, with an emphasis on telling genuine and authentic stories to delight, intrigue and inspire.

In simple terms our strategy is very straight forward and has 2 key strands:

1. Drive good quality traffic to your website through
i) good quality, well-organised content that ranks well for optimised keywords
ii) effective social media activity
iii) engaging and effective email campaigns
iv) paid adverts

2. Conversion of traffic
i) by encouraging re-visits to the website
ii) to engage and become part of your audience (an email subscriber or social media follower)
iii) to Make a booking, sale or enquiry

Our ongoing plan and actions cover 9 key elements:

1. Content Creation
2. Social Media content planning & scheduling (delivery)
3. Developing PR contacts
4. Email Marketing
5. Brand promotion
6. Technical SEO (search engine optimisation)
7. Monitoring, review, management and strategy planning

Other design & marketing services