Launching your website and maintaining your online presence are some of the first steps in having an effective marketing programme.

Further considerations should include promoting your website both offline (advertising, word of mouth, self-promotion, business cards) and using online tools and techniques to refine your content. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and/or the quality of traffic (readers) to a website from search engines.

In addition to text or content, SEO can target different kinds of search including:

image search – if your business is reliant on visual images then this may be an important strategy to consider rather than the textual content of your website
local search – getting your listing noticed for geography/business specific searches
video search – really important if your online presence has a high mix of video content
industry-specific vertical search
Effective SEO often requires changes to the HTML source code of a website and as such, SEO tactics should be incorporated into the website design and development.

You should be wary of organisations claiming to be able to get you to first position in search engine rankings – SEO is in our opinion not an exact science and requires careful matching of marketing objectives, investment and technical adjustments.

All of our marketing packages include basic SEO tasks, however there are numerous tactics that can be deployed depending on what you want to achieve, your industry, what your competitors are doing and of course how much time and money you want to invest in it. We advise covering the basics before you start on the real fine tuning of search optimisation.