We use social media as an effective marketing tactic to raise brand awareness, engage with potential customers and promote content on your website. It’s more than just posting cute puppy dog pics, it’s about reaching out to customers new and old, to tell your story.

We create, plan and execute social media campaigns in 3 key ways:

  • Planned & scheduled social media activity – regular and consistent messages that encourage engagement, drive traffic and develop/build brand awareness
  • Interaction & Engagement – for customer service purposes, to grow contacts, encourage/ improve customer loyalty and build rapport
  • Ad hoc – spur of the moment to react and interact with others – to further drive traffic to the website and encourage engagement

Social media activities includes:

  • creating content for your social media platforms
  • scheduling messages to be sent out at optimum days and times – based on a content calendar.
  • social media updates across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram.
  • You should also consider allocating budget for social media advertising e.g. Facebook boosted posts or instagram adverts. We advocate adopting a step-by-step approach to paid advertising to identify the most effective tactics for your business.

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